Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Pat has been busy this winter, and brought her projects in to share with the Weavers!  This all started as placemats for Fiesta Ware, and morphed into using up her leftover bits of 8/4 thread.
  There are more placemats in her basket from the "use it up" warp that left us all in awe!!!  Way to go, Pat!!!
(And, Happy Birthday!!!)

Jocelyn was busy winding Part 2 of her dishtowel warp.  It is 24 inches wide and 8 yards long.  She'll be winding it on next week!

  Marie and Darlene are plotting and planning....I don't know what's going on there!!!


  Margi brought us up to speed on the summer weaving project with an inner city school.  I think she has it well in hand.

  Reminders about upcoming events were given, as well as classes that will be at the Center.

  Tina gave Irene a quick spinning lesson on her E-Spinner. 

  Betsy and Sharon were super busy at their looms this afternoon. 

Carl was busy threading and tying on his warp this morning.  After lunch, Pat and Harriet helped with the process of winding on the warp.  How many yards did you wind, Pat???

  Karin tried out several different weights of yarn for the inlay in the towels.  I think the last one is the winner!!!

   Anna brought her little Structo to weave on today. 


  And, as always, the Ladies were busy, busy, busy!!! 

  The Center is gearing up for the Dogwood Arts Festival tour on the weekend of April16th.  Several of the weavers have offered to come and weave during the open house.  If you're in the area, drop by and see us!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

LOVE those inlay towels! Draft? I know I've seen it or something like it somewhere.
The placemats are wonder too, so pretty and I bet the Fiestaware looks quite handsome on them.
The production is incredible that comes out of the group. How many weavers again
all total?