Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Clock Is Ticking.....

  Or, maybe that should be the calendar!
  It's six months until our first show....what do you have ready???

Well....Marie has been working on dish towels!  She wove the Christmas towels, then started working on the orange T towels (which will be very popular in this neck of the woods!)

  Just a little reminder............

  Margi has caught the collage bug....she's holding one of Carol's wall hangings that uses leftover pieces of woven fabric.  So far she has created some small pieces....get ready to see what she produces next!!!!

Everyone had something to so today!  Roz is back (and feeling better!) and ready to work on her scarf warp.  Jocelyn wound the last batch of threads for her towel warp.  Irene tackled the back issues ('80's) of Handwoven.

 Lanny got his new scarf warp on the Pup.  It was all wound on and ready to thread before we left for the day!

  We were all glad to have Charlotte back with us today...she got a chance to look around and see what was on the looms.  Betsy just keeps on weaving her rugs!

 And, speaking of rugs....Carl is pleased with his newest blue jean rug woven on the red warp. 


Of course, the LADIES were all hard at work on their looms!!!!!


Anna was working on a cap for her son...but jumped up to help Jocelyn get the towel warp on the loom.  This will be a run of waffle weave towels.

  Sharon and Karin, our librarians, are planning a work day on Friday.  We have a bunch of books to add to the data base, as well as adding a list of all the magazines and special collections.

  Carol took a look at the dyed warps we have on hand to see what still needs to be woven....and make plans on new warps to get ready to dye.
  After all....we have six months to the first show!!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

I started on my gift weaving this spring. Of course trying to stockpile for the holidays, useless. I keep giving it away now....

How did your open house/artist thing go? Was it last weekend?