Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quiet Tuesday

  It was a quieter day than usual at the Center today.  Our weavers that spent the weekend in the Dye Workshop decided to take the day off....but, Carol came, of course!!!  Tina was on "Mimi duty" and we all took turns trying to get H to grin at us.  (Marie finally was able to pick him up!!!)  We had some visitors that journeyed down the steps to see the Studio.

  Pat is back from her grandma duties, and got right to work on her newest rug.  The weft is some sheeting that was donated to the Center.  The colors are really looking good with that warp.
  You can see Lanny threading his scarf warp....I'll get pictures next week when he starts weaving!

 Take a look at all the rugs wound up on the cloth beam of Betsy's loom!  I think she has enjoyed playing with different colors for each rug.

Sharon and Karin set up shop (again) to add more books to our library data base.  They worked all day Friday on the list, and we just keep adding books and leaflets to the inventory.  Anna donated 3 Shuttlecraft  Bulletins to our library today....thank you!!!!  What a treasure!!!

  Roz couldn't stay all day, but she got a bunch done while she was here.  That scarf is coming right along!

After I got my warp lashed on and wove the header, I realized I had a wee error that was easily fixed.  I'll be ready to weave next week!!!!
  I just had to get this shot....Marie has been a great help to our librarians!  She has gone through the small publications and leaflets to get them on the database, as well as organizing the copies of Handwoven and the special collections.  It is truly amazing how blessed we are with great resources!
  ****I missed the shot of Anna and Jocelyn getting the warp wound on the Leclerc.  She'll be threading it for waffle weave towels.  And, somehow I missed getting Carl's picture today!    Shirley was also there keeping the back row going....her scarf warp is looking great!  Linda B. got the fringes wound on her new scarves, while Linda L. wove on the placemat warp.
  There's always next week!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Wow, I'm betting that is one amazing weaving library! What a wonderful vibrant group, even on a "quiet" day.

Sharon said...

What Theresa said! I would love to be in your group, just once - even on a quiet day. The energy that comes through the pictures says it's even better when you're there. Summer clothes?!!