Thursday, February 26, 2015


  Sweetie has spent a lot of time at the back door, lately.  The birds have kept me busy filling up the feeder, and she seems to enjoy watching all the activity.  The robins have arrived, too.  But, they seem to enjoy the berries on the holly trees the most.  A flock of robins completely stripped the holly tree next door of ALL the was interesting to watch!

  The latest storm brought us some additional snow, but it is already melting.  Can you believe it?  Chattanooga and North Alabama got more snow than we did!!!!

   Besides bird tracks around the feeder, sometimes I see some interesting tracks near the house.  These came up on the front porch, and then left.  They kind of look like a raccoon!

  The last few nights, I have seen a small herd of deer coming through the yard.  This morning, I saw four of them bedded down!  They left before I could get the camera, but these are the spots where they had settled for the night.

  Inside, there's nothing wild going on....just weaving on the place mat warp.

  Sadly, we had to say "Farewell" to Cece, our 18 year old housemate.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon.....just before the latest snow storm.  During the wake, we shared stories, shed some tears, and raised a toast to a life well lived. 
  The other two cats have not agreed to take over the job of holder while I twist fringes....nobody does it better than Cece.
This one's for you, Ma'am!!!


Tina J said...

Several years ago you bravely took on the task of caring for 2 elderly cats. You loved them and cared for all their needs, until their time was done. Well done my friend.

Theresa said...

Oh LouAnn, I am so, so sorry. But yes, a life well lived and well loved to boot! Hugs!