Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thank You, Theresa!

  I have admired all of her sewing activity for quite some time...and fell in love with one of her new creations.  It was a simple top (more about that later) and I thought I would look into the company that makes it.
  Merchant & Mills | Made for Makers
  I looked at every little nook & cranny on their website, and decided to order some patterns.
  Did I mention they are in England????
  They got my order in the royal mail the next day, and sent me the tracking information so I could follow along....and that's when it got hinky.  The package got to customs at Kennedy....and there it stayed....and stayed....and stayed.  I even talked to the folks at my post office about what I could do about this.  (Yes, there is an 800 number, but I didn't need it!)
  On Wednesday morning, this is what I found in my mailbox!
  And, inside the mailing envelope, cushioned by bubble wrap was this.
  I LOVE it!
Even the invoice had a nice little handwritten note!
  Such nice little touches!!!!

  This is the pattern I fell in love with:  The Top #64.  I want to try out the pattern with some remnants I have on hand....let's face it, I'm not in my 20's anymore, and sizing can be a challenge!   Who might even be a pattern I could use with handwoven fabric.  
  So, thank you, Theresa.....I'm so glad you share your sewing adventures with us.  Not only do I love this pattern, but finding this wonderful company was priceless!

  And, to answer Theresa's question from Tuesday:  do we Front to Back or Back to Front????
  Carol teaches us Back to Front if you come to learn to weave.  But, we have several folks that dress their looms front to back:  Carl always threads first and then we wind on the warp.  I guess you could say that we just "go with the flow."

  Placemat Challenge Update:   I'm almost finished with #6.  I will need to cut more weft soon.

I wouldn't mind doing another set after this one!!!!

Happy Weaving (and thanks, again, Theresa!)


Theresa said...

Well, you are welcome LouAnn! I have my second one cut out, and it certainly offers lots of options to customize. PS: I make self bias binding for the neck. Life is far too short to fiddle with facings....:)

Tina J said...

6 placemats! I need to get to work on my set of 12!