Monday, February 2, 2015

One More Panel!

What a blustery day we have today!! The wind is blowing loudly and there are some snowflurries in the air!! Feels like winter to me. It reminds me so much of blizzards when I was growing up. The sound of the wind howling across the prairies and the snow thick as it came down. A white out for sure! That's the sound. The reality is that it's windy here with a few flurries coming down. I don't think they predicted snow for us but we'll take it anyway! The flakes are large and bands of snow are shooting across the yard but I don't think it'll stick.
Last Tuesday we had to miss weaving because schools up there were closed. I think we'll be fine tomorrow! It's just the sounds that get to me.

Inside, I've been weaving (and organizing stuff we brought up from Atlanta the last few weeks). I am down to the last panel to be woven for this year. Last year I wove curtains for 5 cabins. This year I"m doing 5 more. I think there are only 10 cabins up at the Lodge. Five cabins mean ten windows, meaning 20 panels to weave each order.
What I'm weaving is the same as last year. Natural carpet warp with red accents.

 Once you get the rhythm going, it's easy!
 That's the accent that goes across near the bottom of the curtain.
Near the top there's a narrow row as well.
 You just have to remember which pattern you're weaving where.........and keep an eye on the measurements as you go.
I've been watching last year's NCIS LA DVDs while I weave and I must admit I got sidetracked a time or two. Had to do some un weaving!! Sound familiar? We all do it.
Once the panels are done, I'll serge the raw edges, repair anything that needs to be repaired and then wash them. They will hang to dry before I iron them.  I think I'll take them up to the center to pin the hem and casings. The tables up there are nice and big. I can lift the table with the risers and get all the pinning done, bring them home to sew, give them another quick press and they'll be ready to go on their helicopter ride up to the top of Mount LeConte in about a month!

I'm already planning the next warp on Nilus. It's going to be for rugs. First, I have to move some of the boxes that we brought home. I've been working on ones in the living room. They're about gone so we can carry boxes up so I have room down there to bring out the bags of selvedges that I have on hand to weave into rugs. I'm thinking I'll do several warps of rugs, just to get some of the stash used up. I think I'll probably plan 6 rugs per warp. That should take care of some of the bags of stash that are waiting to be used. DD got a new set of sheets last week. I brought home the old ones. I think they'll be awesome in a rug with some coordinating fabrics.....
Until next week, keep weaving....and stay warm!

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LA said...

Today was the perfect day to just weave! I hope you got it finished so you can start on your rugs.