Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday & Tuesday

  This picture is worth a thousand words....and explains why some of our weavers were at the Center on Monday.  This was today....not much room around there, huh?
  Karin and Sharon have taken over the job of librarians, and they started yesterday.  With our new shelves, we could finally get the rest of our books out of storage, and get them sorted.  Karin is making a new data base, and Sharon is placing them where they need to be on the shelf. 
  Ms. Ila and Bonnie found a space for their looms, and were hard at work today.  (We missed you, Shirley!)  Andy came in later, and worked on the striped towel warp.

Marie also came in on Monday to finish winding the bobbins for the Macomber.  This warp is for some lace napkins, an eight shaft pattern.  The winding equipment has now been taken out to the Annex to get it out of the way.  You can actually walk behind the loom now!!!!

  Carol also came yesterday.....she put two tables together so she could lay out her quilts that she is working on.  It was time to pin the layers together.


  Our day started with the 8/4 order that Carol placed for us.  All the cones were sorted by color, then individual orders were filled. 

  Then it was time to stock the shelves with the thread that the Center needed for future projects.

  Charlotte wanted to make some "rope" for one of her projects, and Betsy and Pat stepped in to show her how it is done.  That rope machine is getting a workout lately!!!

 Ray has his warp tied on and ready to go.  And, Carl has started sleying the reed for his new rug warp.  (He started threading the warp this afternoon.)

  Barb is ready to put her warp on the table loom.  Carol got her started, and Roz came over later and helped get it in the raddle. 

  Can you believe that Tina got to actually sit down and weave today???  I overheard her saying something about having to "un-weave" some, though.  Uh-oh!!!

Ray got the opportunity this afternoon to break in our new heavy duty ball winder!  He said it works like a charm!!!!

  Pat has been busy at home (again) and brought some of her items for the shop.  Molly is modeling the vest that Pat wove and made and embellished.  It has a matching bag!
  There were several more bags in the items she brought, too.

  Carl brought the mohair and silk scarf he finished at home.  He made two:  one for a gift and this one for the shop.    It is a dream to feel!

  The Weavers have been busy this week......

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Oh yes, un weaving will have to happen again next week, unless I can manage to forget about the 2 errors I found today!

Theresa said...

Such industry! Love the new ball winder. Is that a Nancy's Knick Knacks one?
If I decipher correctly, most of you warp front to back?

Bonnie said...

What an industrious group. Pat and Carl have been hard at work at home also.
To Theresa, I believe most at the center warp from back to front. When I was there, I was about the only one to go front to back.(not sure about all the new people)