Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day Report

   Actually, it is the ICE that is the problem!
Yes, we've been hit with ice and snow here in East Tennessee, and it has pretty much closed down this part of the state.  The local school systems have already closed for tomorrow, too!  And, when Anderson County schools are closed, the Center is closed, too.

  I sent out the email for "what are you working on at home?" last night, and here are the results:

Carl wrote me that he's working on an 18 e.p.i. linen warp.  (Can't wait to hear more about that!)

  Sharon H. is working on this shawl for church on her Bergere loom.

  Carol just posted her pictures yesterday, but she emailed me this afternoon and said that they still had power, although they lost internet and cable.  Thank goodness for smart phones!!!!

  Sharen just posted this picture on Facebook--love the handwoven mat in the background.  She's getting ready to make some soup!  She wrote me that she's thinking they might spend next February in Florida!!!!

And, speaking of Florida, Marie texted me yesterday that it was 67 degrees where they are!
  Not nice, Marie!!!!!

  Tina has finished two more place mats for her Challenge mats.  I think we'll hear more about that on Friday!

  I am now on #8 of my Challenge mats.  I cut more weft this morning while I watched the birds at the feeder.

  So....stay warm.  And, a big thank you to those folks who are working around the clock to restore power and keep us safe.

Happy Weaving!

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