Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Totally Terriffic Tuesday

  We have needed this for such a L O N G time!  New shelves.....just for us!!!!

  Usually you just see the chairs leaned against the wall under the window, but it looks like we finally have new shelves for our growing library.

  Jerry, Karin's husband, is our miracle worker, and he'll be making a new "tall" shelf to replace the old one on the left.

 I LOVE this picture of him with the ladies of the looms!

  Of course this means that we will have to get our library all organized.....right, Karin?

  The first order of today's business was getting the rugs off of the barn loom.  Carl made short work of that job.

Then came the grand roll-out:  six beautiful blue jean rugs!

  Many hands make short work!  Tina, Jocelyn, Ann and I jumped in to help Carl get the fringes tied....it was all finished in short order.

Two of the rugs sold before the end of the day!

Harriet and Carol are back to work on their first warps.  There was a lot going on in the Studio, but I think they were on task!

Lanny, Molly and Darlene stayed busy on the back row.

Andy finished one towel and started on another one.

Karin and Christy worked on the Cambridge to solve the tension problem on that rug warp.

Betsy started winding her warp for the placemat challenge.  I think she might be planning on more than a dozen!

Show & Tell Time

  I would never say (out loud) that Marie is an over achiever, but she has already finished her set of a dozen place mats for the Fall sales!!!!  Way to go, Marie!!!
BTW, Marie has started her own blog:
 Weaving and Lovin' It
Drop by and say hello.
  And, we found out that Carol has also finished her set of placemats!  Wow!!!

Sharen has been making purses, and brought some in for us to admire.

  Linda made some place mats using flannel as the weft. 

  Barb took a rag rug class at John C. Campbell, and brought her rug for us to see.

And, Liz came by with some rugs that she wove at home.  "Now what do I do?"  We got them cut apart, and Tina talked to her about
tying the fringes, and twisting them so they do get damaged.

Thank you, Darlene for the de-lish cake!  This picture was made first thing this morning....there wasn't much left by lunch time!!!!!

  As you can see, it was a busy, productive day at the Center.
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Some lovely rugs there that's for sure. Oh my though, what wonderful bookshelves! You lucky weavers.

Bonnie said...

New bookshelves looks nice. Where did the sewing machine go? Lot of nice projects going on. What fun.