Monday, December 1, 2014


Another week with no weaving. I hope to be able to weave some this week but last week I just couldn't get to the loom. 
We're in the middle of a long episode of emptying a house. My in laws have moved into an apartment and left a house full of things. They actually moved out a year or two ago and every time we drove down there, we'd work on things but it's been a struggle.
My mother in law is an awesome person, very creative but didn't find the time to do things with what she bought. So we have been having the challenge of figuring out what to do with alot of craft supplies. It took about 4 trips but we finally have the attic all down in the main part of the house. 
We drove down there Wednesday and came back late Saturday. We spent the entire time going through boxes and deciding what to keep and what to send to Goodwill down there.

 We came back with a van full of boxes. They're all in the living room now and the goal is to figure out what to do with the things we brought back in the next few days.
Some of the things we brought will go to KARM, our local store. I kind of like what KARM is doing with the money and it is the local rescue mission. Books will be taken to McKay's used book store for credit! Some things will be sold on ebay and some will be just kept for the memory. There will be a good bit of craft supplies that I will "store" and use, give to others if they need it and be sure it's used.
My Mother in law was a great organizer. She stored alot of things in the shoebox size clear containers from The Container Store. I've already given away well over 100 of them and there are still about 100 left with things in them that will have to be sorted. They come in handy and I've had no trouble finding homes for them. All I have to do is bring them Tuesday and the weavers love them!
We'll have to head there some more over the next while to keep going through things. No empty rooms yet but you can walk into one now that you couldn't even get near! There is progress!!
Not having grown up with these things, I am able to deal with it much better than my DH's sisters. I'm glad they are taking things that mean alot to them.

I hear a warp calling me from the studio. It's a placemat warp that's been on there for quite a few months. I"d love to get it off the loom in the next couple of weeks.
It's getting to be a busy time of year and weaving is being shoved to the back burner. However, it's such a good feeling when you can get to it and just throw that shuttle for awhile!
Until next week, I'll be going through boxes, final decisions.....
and weaving!

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Theresa said...

I know what a ob it must be. I worked over the summer doing the same thing for my folks in prep for their move here to Oregon. Looks like some awesome booty though, for everyone! :)