Friday, December 19, 2014

The flour is flying here on my tiny farm.   I have mapped out what needs to happen in the next few days, and really it isn't bad!  Today my list consisted of  taking the turkey out of the freezer, making 6 pie crusts and putting them in the fridge, make the corn bread for the dressing, a post office run and a library run.

(The use of a food processor really speeds up the pie crusts!)

In no time at all I had them in individual zippy bags and in the fridge.  I plan to make 2 double crust apple pies, a chocolate creme pie w/ merengue and finally a pumpkin pie.  It isn't hard to get the festive juices flowing!

After the pie crusts were in the fridge, I made a grocery list of all the things I needed to pick up to finish the pies,  I will be baking them on Christmas Eve morning first thing.  The turkey will be just coming out of the oven by then so it should be just right.  I usually cook my turkeys, especially the big ones overnight at a fairly low temp, they turn out nice and juicy that way.

This afternoon, after the grocery run,( and those other runs) I watched White Christmas with my Mother-in-law, and we made little snack packets for her to give to her nurses as they come and check on her over the next couple of days.  As we were watching the movie, I finished knitting my last gift.  I only knit 3 of them this year, and 1 had already been finished this Summer!

I knit a pair of the craziest socks, they are called Skew, and they can be found of course on Ravelry, and it is a free pattern!  This is not an easy breezy pattern that you don't have to pay attention to, so be forewarned, but it is fun!

These socks are knit on the bias the whole way, so you are always increasing and decreasing.  When they tell you that you are adding heel increases you are like, "What!  I sure don't see it!"  But then the origami moment happens and bingo, there it is.  It was right up there with the first time I turned a heel!
There they are, those cute little heels sticking up, all on the bias! 

I had some yarn left over from those socks, and I have a new grand baby, so I cast on a pair of leg warmers.  I took the advice from the Knitmore girls, and did a round of k1p1 at each color change, I love what it does to this simple project.

I started by casting on 36 stitches on size 1.5 circulars.  I knit about 2 inches then increased 2 stitches, one plain row, then another increase row.  I knit on until I felt I was past then knee.  At that point I changed to size 2 dpns, and kept going until I ran out of yarn.  I love these, and I hope they fit!  I won't know until after Christmas when the little buddy gets here with his family.

That is all I can post right now, I hope that you all have a meaningful Christmas time, and that your family time will be blessed with joy.

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina


LA said...

Those wee leg warmers are just too cute!!!! And, just in time for some winter weather!

Monique said...

Thrilled to din you site. I found this while poking around for a pattern. I was wondering if the person who did this way back in 2010 wrote a draft the woudln't mind sharing. I'm just getting back to weaving, planning to warp on Dec 26 and 27....and would love some guidance. Looked on the map and you are about 3 hours from me. Maybe someday!