Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rainy Tuesday

It might have been a gray, rainy day in East Tennessee, but inside the weaving studio, it was all smiles and brightness!!!

  The ladies were busy, busy, busy at their looms; but, I can assure you that there was a lot of laughter coming from that corner of the studio.

Karin and Sharon had some catching up to do, but Karin got quite a bit done on her corduroy rug today, too.  Sharon finally located her five cones of 8/4 that she had been using for weft....they were in a safe place!!!!  (Tina's loom bench seems to be the place that things are put for safekeeping!!!!)

  Carl is still working on his rug warp....I'm sure he won't be sad to see the end!  Those knots have been a challenge!
  Lanny is winding on the new warp a little at a time.  Fine threads have a bad habit of getting tangled while they wait to be wound on the loom.

  Jocelyn brought some of her friends to visit the Shop and the studio today.   It was good to see her!

And, we had another visitor that came to check out the studio.....will she be joining our merry little band soon????  Stay tuned.....

  We are glad to have Andy back with us again.  In fact, she can work on Cindy's towel warp...it's all ready to go!!!

  Marie is finishing up the scarf warp on LaDonna's rigid heddle.  This was one of the stash-busting scarves we did while Carol was in Canada this summer!

  Yes....Linda is still winding more warp for her rug loom.    Round and round and round........
  She is getting good using the paddle, though!

  It looks like we'll be traveling to the Woolery next Wednesday......whoopie!!!!!  Field Trip!!!!!    (Think GREAT weather, OK?)

In the meantime,
Happy Weaving!

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