Monday, December 22, 2014

Three Things

I should say Three Important Things!
First of all, yesterday was the first official day of winter! Down here the weather isn't bad until sometime next month so we don't feel the cold as much but still, it's winter! DH has an issue with the long dark nights as time approaches the winter solstice. So he was very elated to see yesterday come. Gradually life for him will be better as the nights are shorter. I don't think he could handle living in Alaska, at least not in winter. Of course, I don't see him handling snow and ice that well either long
term!! I'm not so big on real winter either. I'm spoilt having lived in Tennessee so many years now!

Secondly, it's almost Christmas!! It's one of my favorite times of year. I love the lights on the tree in the evenings.

 Actually, I didn't even have to decorate the tree this year, just plug it in. Because it's not a huge tree, it was easy to leave up all year. Jury's out on whether to take it down or not after the New Year....
 I did add a few things to the tree and beside it. We were down at my in laws again this past weekend going through things and I found the church. DH and his sister remember it from their childhood. It does light up although I haven't plugged it in. It is also a music box that works. Having a church near the tree reminds me of the real reason for Christmas. It's so much more than Santa Claus and decorations.
 The third important thing is that I got my placemat warp off the loom!! Yup, I've got my placemats woven. I'd forgotten how much warp I put on there but apparently I filled the warping board. So, there are 12 of the official placemats, the way I'd planned to weave them.
 Getting tired of changing wefts so often, the next 4 were predominantly brown,
 then teal.
Still more warp meant 4 runners, 2 of each color scheme. I may just bring them to the center now to sell and take my chances on there being 12 in September when we're to have them done by. I'll probably put another warp on that loom anyway for more placemats so that I'll have it ready to go when I'm needing to work but don't want to spend time warping my workhorse.

It feels good to have that done. Now it's time for wrapping a few presents and maybe even, shock of all, bake a few cookies. This year has been so different. I'm not thinking about shopping or worrying about getting the right thing for family and friends. It's been a season of trying to help my in laws with the house. My mother in law had good taste and found some pretty neat things to use for sewing, laces, fabrics, buttons,pins, etc. As the recipient of alot of her stash, I'm well stocked with supplies. Anyone need some children's buttons?
Until next week, Merry Christmas!!

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LA said...

I have been tempted to leave my tree up all year, but I've never done it! I'm usually ready for it to leave by 12th Night! Bravo to you: your placemats are done!!!!