Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yes, We Have A Plan

I know, I know....it looks crazy!  But, there was a plan in place.

First:  get the rug out of the Annex and check for any possible critters.  Take it inside and give it a good vacuum!  Check!

Second:  Get the mug rug warp on the Pup that will be going to the Foothills show.  (Thank you, Molly, for getting it threaded!!!)

Third:  Set up the warping mill so that Lanny can wind the last batch of threads for his warp.  Check!

Weave if you can get to your loom!

  Yes, there was a blue jean donation....Pat got busy getting them ready to be stripped.
  Ms. Bonnie is down-sizing at her house, and brought some small sewing machines to sell if anyone needed one.  Tina took a look at the small Singer machine.

  Margi needed to cut the completed items off of her loom....there were two walker bags, two placemats and one table runner.

  Karin brought her Inkle loom to show us her progress.  Those silver threads really add just the right touch to this band.

  Linda finally came to the end of the warp on the Studio loom.  There were five rugs on the cloth beam, which made a total of ten rugs from this warp.

  Betsy has been working on her walker bags at home.  She brought them in today to have Carol check them.  She also made some small purses with the leftover warp!  That's when the rope machine came in handy to make the straps!!!!

  Charlotte was back with us today weaving on her first warp.  She's working her way through the different twills.

  Christy shared some mug rugs she made at home using gold lame and Christmas prints as the weft.  They look classy!!!!

  Carl shared some lovely placemats woven in lace AND a lesson learned:  watch those reds when you wet finish your items!!!!  We think another bath with a color catcher might do the trick!

  Pat brought the placemats she wove at home on the 50/50 deal:  using the Center's materials, weave one for the Center, and keep one for yourself.  (Can you tell we're trying to use up some of our stash????)

She also finished a boa!  There was even enough of those yarns to make more if anyone would like to tackle that job!

After lunch, we got busy making the straw looms for the kits (we only needed 35) and finishing the edges for the cards on the serger.  Carl wove these 8 harness designs...they are just the ticket for the greeting cards.

  Marie inserted the weaving in the cards as Carol finished them up--team work at its best!!!

YES....the plan worked!
Happy Weaving!

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