Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Passing It On: Part 2

  Carol and fellow weavers brought Kay's weaving collection to the Center today.  The looms will be loaned out to our new weavers to weave at home.  When they move on with their own looms, they can bring them back, and it can be loaned out, again.  Kay would like that.
  Of course, there was more than just looms!  The weavers sorted through the equipment, and were thrilled with the folders of projects that were filed. 

  Although we couldn't pull out the small looms, that doesn't mean that the others weren't busy!
  Charlotte was right back to her weaving project on the table loom.  Betsy and Margi worked together to finish another walker bag.   We have a great selection to choose from in the shop, now.


  Yes....that's Ray....hard at work at the Rocker Loom....making the rest of us seem like slackers!   Ray came up with a great idea about building another book case for our library.  (Kay's family passed along her weaving books, and we will need some additional shelves!)  That will be a great new project!!!

And, you know that Carl was busy today weaving on the barn loom!  This warp has some mean knots in it that do NOT like to go through the heddles!  Carl has to get up and coax them through each time!

  Sharon contributed mini muffins to give us strength to sort through the weaving supplies.....YUMMY!
  Karin brought her hubby's newest handmade shuttle!  I think that Karin has started something at her house!!!!  And, just to keep us all humble, Sharon brought her newly woven dish towels for us to admire.  Someone is getting a nice Christmas present!!!!!

Yes, Carol....another Tuesday in the books.  Maybe we can pull out the looms next week, right? 

Happy Weaving!

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