Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Salute You

  We are honored to weave with our Veterans....and today was the day to salute their service to our country.

  Thank you, Carl.

Thank you, Lanny.

Thank you, Ray.

  We also salute Carol....she keeps us on track and inspires us to reach higher in our quest for learning about this wonderful world of weaving.
  Today Carol was tagging and making the inventory list for the items for the Foothills show.    You don't see Marie and Tina because they were running up and down the stairs from the shop pulling items to take to the show.  They also got them all listed on the master inventory.

Marie is now serving on the shop committee, and she spent last Thursday getting the scarves on the new display rack.  We decided that the whole rack can make the trip to the Show this weekend!!!  Also, the shawls look so much better on the new rack!

  Betsy has woven several more "walker bags" for the show, and Charlotte volunteered to do some of finish work.

  I'm not sure what Margi was working on when I caught her using these scissors on the sewing machine.  File that one under "creative uses for scissors."

   And, through all the commotion in the studio, Sharon tried to weave on the placemat warp.  That includes us coming through with stacks of rugs and placemats and towels.  She got really good at ducking at the right moment!

Now, we all need to rest up and get ready for set-up on Thursday, and then three days of showing the world our wonderful weaving.

Happy Weaving!

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Bonnie said...

Ladies/Gents- Everything looks so great. Have a good show. Wish I was there to join you.