Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Unpack & Reflect

  As the weavers arrived this morning, tubs were carried in, along with equipment that we used in our booth.  Each tub was unpacked and sorted in the stacks for the weavers.  Inventory that had been brought down from the shop was marked off the list and returned upstairs.

Marie was pleased....all was well with the inventory.

  Grid panels were stored back in the Annex until next year, and show supplies were stored in a large rolly suitcase so the little pieces are all together.  We don't need extension cords during the year!!!!

Carl enlisted Allan's help as he cut more blue jean strips for today's rug.

  Ray worked on his rug while we figured out where everything needed to go in the shop.

  Charlotte is finally getting to wind her first warp.....and, since there was no room for the little looms to be brought out, the LADIES got some "catch-up" time to talk.

  This is one of the reasons why there was no room for the looms:  Linda needed to wind her new warp for the rug loom!!!!  This was her first time at the warping mill, and Tina walked her through the process.  As you can see, she got it all wound, and later chained it off without mishap!  I guess we all know what she'll be doing next week!!!!!

  Charlotte did get her warp wound, and it's now on the loom!  Threading is next.....she'll do great!

  We all had stories to share about the Foothills show, and even heard of one lady that reads our blog in California that stopped by the booth.  WOW!!!!
  Christy took a few minutes to look at Tina's new book...maybe she'll blog about it on Friday.  It's a neat book.

Plans were made for the next few weeks...I think there's a field trip in the works!  Stay tuned....you never know what the Weavers will be up to next!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

No, one never does know what you weaver's will be up too! But field trips are always fun. New book, how exciting. I'll be tuning in tomorrow to find out what it is.