Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I know. I was supposed to write on Monday. That's my day. Well, I forgot!! 
This past weekend was the Foothills Craft Guild Show and you know the Tuesday Weavers are members and have a booth at the show. I do too. My booth is right next to theirs and it's fun to go back and forth between the two.
When I got home I completely forgot about writing the blog. This was the last show of the season and I take all day to go through everything, end of year stuff and where do I take things that are still here. What do I store. Those are the things I think about as I work. So I didn't think about the blog til I was falling asleep.
So I'm writing today instead.
The week before the show I tried something new. I used some scraps of handwovens and made some little handbags to sell. They kind of match the vests and jackets so I figured they'd look good in the display.
 I think they turned out nicely. They all are lined and have a button closure.
 It's always nice when you realize things have found new homes as the show progresses.
 Each bag is a little different. No two are alike. Just like the clothes I weave.
 I'm right next to the Tuesday Weavers. Their booth was awesome as usual. Alot of work went into getting it all set up nicely and they got alot of attention from the shoppers as well.
 I like to post pictures of booths that I look at while I sit on my chair. This year it was alot of glass.
 Flowers pressed between glass. Always a hit.
Sunday afternoon we had a power outage for  over an hour. The emergency lights weren't really working well. So everyone pulled out their phones and clicked on the flashlight app to see things. I think this was the first time that people really saw what was in the booth. We had to stay in our booths to be sure all was safe but it was interesting to look across at others in theirs. Huge sigh of relief when the power came back on and thankful that it did!

I'm still catching up on the end of show season. Just a few things to alter and ship and then I'll be looking forward to next year and what needs to be woven for the next show. Thinking about colors and designs will be fun to contemplate.
I do want to weave some more rugs, placemats and handtowels before I get back into the swing of production. Oh yeah, and that shawl on the rigid heddle loom that's been sitting there for months. That's first on my list to finish!
Until next week, keep weaving.

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