Thursday, November 13, 2014

When The Plan Comes Together

  All of the pre-planning paid off!  When Cindy and Marie started working on plans for this year's booth right after the 2013 show, they ordered panels and shelves and lots of little do-dads that made the set up and display so much easier.
  Now, that doesn't mean we didn't ad-lib where necessary, but it all came together very nicely!

  With Marie and Tina acting as the team leaders, Christy, Ann and I put together panels, hung curtains, clipped on lights and ran the power cords.  Then the fun began!

  Even Christy's hubby was put to work putting the hangers on the rugs.

  We have plenty of scarves for folks to choose from this year, and the spiral display will come with Marie in the morning.  We have a wonderful selection of wool scarves that will come in handy for this arctic weather that has come our way. 

  There are more scarves on the right side of the booth, along with the placemats and runners.  Extra rugs were stored on the bottom shelves.  Book marks, mug rugs and greeting cards are at the check out table.

  The rugs take center place this year.  The walker bags are flanking them on the right.  You know there are always straw looms.....right there with the rugs!

  Ann had to leave around noon, but we continued to place each woven item where it would get noticed.  (I'm sure tomorrow's crew will "fluff" the shelves again!  Who knows what it will look like when I get there on Saturday!!!)
  But, for today, the plan came together!

  Here's to a successful show!!!  (Carol's booth looks great, too!!!)


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Theresa said...

OMG!! What wonderful woven bounty! The new display certainly shows it all off to the best advantage. I know it will be a fabulous show for the Tuesday Weavers.