Thursday, January 23, 2014

Top Ten Things To Do....

.....during a Polar Vortex!

10.  Keep an eye on those temps!  These below freezing temperatures are hard on the pipes! 
***  Mike Witcher provided this 7 day outlook on this morning's weather forecast.

9.  Stay inside:  it's a good time to watch those DVDs you received at Christmas. 

8.  Keep those bird feeders filled!  Our feathered friends burn more calories during these cold snaps, and they need a little extra help.
  I also replenished the suet feeders!

7.  Weave by the fire. 
    Yes, I know I already used this picture, but that is where I am as I work on my huck lace sampler. 

6.  Bake some bread.  Not only does it make the house smell heavenly, it makes the best toast and grilled other words, comfort food!

5.  Finish that project on the RH loom.  (I actually finished the weaving last Friday while Tina and I were at the Museum of Appalachia.  Now, it needs to be cut off the loom, twist the fringes and then wet finished!)

4.  Find a sunny spot.  Yes....this, too, is a picture you've seen before.  But, it bares repeating!!!!
  We all need to make a little vitamin D!
  It will make you happy!

3.  Put a new warp on the Inkle Loom.  This is a great little loom to take to the Museum.  People are always fascinated by those little woven bands!

2.  Go through the yarn collection.....some of this will be scarves....some might be shawls!!

And, the Number ONE thing to do during a Polar Vortex...............

.....Think Summer..........Warm Weather......Days by the Pool!!!!

In the meantime.........
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

A wonderful plan.

Alicja said...


11. Read all the blogs you like ;)

Tina J said...

12. check up on your favorite Ravelry forums!