Monday, January 27, 2014

North of the border

Thursday was a very eventful day. I was at the airport before 7 am. I was supposed to fly up to Regina, Saskatchewan, getting to my sister's place in Moose Jaw by 4 pm. Talk about best laid plans!  First, we all boarded the plane on time, ready to go. However, some sensor on the plane didn't allow them to know how much fuel there was, so we all got off the plane and they replaced the part. We all got in line to get our connecting flights changed. Thankfully there was another flight heading my way. I was afraid there wouldn't be.  So we finally took off and flew the 3 hours to Denver, getting there at 1 pm their time. My next flight wasn't due to leave til 7:52 pm. I read my book, bought another one. There is something about flying that tires me out and I usually don't get much handwork done. Finally it was time to board our plane. When you fly international they want to see your passport so we knew everyone was there. Everyone except the flight crew!  We didn't take off til 9 pm. Finally got to my sister's place after 1 am. 
The good news is that it was nice with the temperature around freezing. 
That changed Saturday night. Now it's really cold!

My sister has this runner on her trunk. I don't recall when I wove it but it sure is pretty and cheerful!
I always bring along projects. This one was almost done. I just had to attach the black fabric to the burgundy panel. My sister will hang it somewhere so it's easy to see. In the cold weather they have, thinking of spring and tulips is a promise!
Last year at Fiber Forum I won a skein of angora silk yarn. It's the softest most gorgeous yarn. I spent months trying to decide what to do with it. No matter what I thought, it kept coming back to the fact that this had to be knit. I went to a knitting shop and got some needles...and started to knit. I'd forgotten how to cast on. YouTube helped that. So at spots I was knitting. I'd done about 8 inches before I got here. I've done quite a bit this weekend. However, I'm not enjoying it. Once this is done, that's it. No more knitting for me.
I'll be here a total of two weeks. Here's hoping it doesn't get too cold. We have plans of things to sew, my Mom is doing pretty well at the moment and the house is warm. What more could you want? 
Until next week,

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Bonnie said...

It is cold here. Tell your mom hello from me. Have fun and enjoy your family.