Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Huck Lace Study Group

 I woke up expecting my back yard to look like this, but was, I have to say, disappointed! It's my day off, so let it snow!  But, no, the storm turned out to be a dud, with just some kind of cold rain, and a bleak outlook.  I still get to meet my friend for lunch, and still have an excuse to stay inside the rest of the day, puttering around the house.
  I have good reason, too, to thread my new project, an 8-shaft Huck lace scarf for our new study group on Huck lace.  LouAnn, Tina, Marie and now Cindy have teamed up with me to start a study group, something we've never done before, studying something none of us are quite sure about.
  What makes Huck lace different from Atwater-Bronson, or from Spot Bronson?  What makes it unique?  Why are we so drawn to it?  Sometimes, I think I've done it, when it turned out that I was doing something completely different.  I want to learn to draft my own patterns, but what are the parameters?
  We are hoping all these questions, and more, will be revealed to us as we come together to decode this riddle of a weave structure.

  My most recent attempts at Huck have come off the looms, answering a few questions, but bringing more to mind.  I thoroughly enjoyed weaving the gold and purple shawls, one with cream rayon and one with a hand-dyed weft.  I have only about 1 yard left of warp, and am not sure what to do with it yet.  It's sitting precariously untied on Jenny, waiting for my decision.  It's too small for another shawl, but maybe once off the loom, it can be sewn into a cowl.

The 3-thread Huck lace in black bamboo came off the loom a few days ago, with the taupe-colored rayon yielding a much more luscious hand than the grey merino, but both are cozy and nice.  The merino is about to go into a gift bag for my lunch date's late Christmas present, but the taupe is waiting for the right recipient to come along.
  I have a lot more of the taupe rayon, and am pondering some fabric, with a Huck lace border, to make a blouse with the lace edging the hem and sleeves and pockets.  Maybe a skirt?  That's next for Jenny, a four shaft Huck lace that will keep me interested, one I can daydream about as I do the yards of plain weave in between.  Or maybe a small spot of the lace here and there?  Ah, the possibilities!
  Anyone interested in joining our study group, please let us know!   We would even welcome those far away, if you can email us your progress and questions and knowledge.  You know where to find us!  We're also on Facebook, Tuesday Weavers, and you can contact us there, as well as keep up on our progress.
  Snow or rain, cold but not as frigid as last week, I hope you find time to weave in the comfort of your own studios this week!  Happy Weaving!


LA said...

You have inspired me to go to my loom! Or, better yet, I'll go wind the warp for my study project!!!

Bonnie said...

When does Huck Lace study start. Maybe I could be ready to start with you guys.