Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day Projects

It's still snowing....so much for all the frozen stuff going south of us!!!
But, I did hear from some of the Tuesday Weavers about their snow day projects:

Tea, swatches and Netflix


Leciester longwool ready to spin.

Wheels before the Grandkids arrive....guess they are going upstairs!

Christy got her mohair warp on the loom.  (She's thinking about changing the epi from 8 to 6, though.)  What a lovely winter view through the glass doors!.

Ann is on the third (and last) cotton throw.  In fact, the end of the warp is in view!
  Today's weaving was helped along by her kitties........

  For me, it seemed like a good day to UNweave.  Yes, I'm still unweaving this shawl.  That's OK.....it was fun watching it snow while I sat on the bench.

Stay Warm!
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

What fun! We don't often get a chance to see what is happening on the home front! Thanks Lou Ann

Maggie said...

Maybe the other Tuesday Weavers were out buying bread and milk? Maybe their cameras were frozen?
I was snug as a bug, covered in cats and down comforters, watching the snow blow.