Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The More The Merrier!!!

  We knew we were going to have guests today:  Cindy had commented on Carol's post yesterday.  But, it was still exciting to have Laura Fry, Nancy Thompson, Frances Fox and Cindy Dietzen walk into the studio this morning.  (Now you would have thought that I would have gotten a group picture of them at some point...but that didn't happen!) 
  They just joined in and took off on their own self-guided tour. 
  Oh my word....you should have been there!!!

  Maggie commented that she wished folks could hear all the commotion on the blog, so, I took a little video so you could hear it!  Carol calls this "controlled creative chaos."

  Laura was kind enough to share some of her weaving samples with us.  It was a learning experience!

  Our Cindy was having her own kind of learning experience!  At least she sees the humor in the situation!  Yes, we did get a little weaving done today.

Marie was determined to get her towel warp on her loom.  Carl and Karin jumped in to help her out.

Tina finished threading and tying on the warp on her loom, and then fixed the pulleys that were slightly out of kilter.
   Can you see the wee touch of something shiny on the loom next to her?  That's fairy dust!!!  Oh yes, the loom fairy came last week and threaded my towel warp.    What a surprise!
           ****Thank you, Loom Fairy!!

  Betsy needed to cut off the five "walker pockets" on her loom.  After weaving in the sticks to tie the warp back to the front apron, out came the scissors! 
  In the background, you can see that Cindy Dietzen has joined in the fun on Marie's loom.

  There's always time to catch up with your weaving friends!

  Or make new weaving friends!

With the Tuesday Weavers-- the more, the merrier!

Happy Weaving!

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Maggie said...

I like Alan's method of fixing that loom: Beat on it! That'll do the trick!