Thursday, January 9, 2014

In The Mood

  I toddled down to my mail box in the sunshine yesterday, and the new Arrowmont workshop catalog was waiting for me!  Of course that means that I had to look at all the offerings for 2014.

 You can look at the catalog on their website:

  Oh my....there are some interesting classes being offered!!!  Jason Collingwood will be there Sept. 28-October 4....just saying.

 I have been busy getting ready for Sunday's study group.  There's lots to tidy up around my house, but I have started pulling some of my books that have lace weaving included.  (This may be a case of too much information!!!)
  I also got the centerpiece for the table ready:  a basket full of fiber goodness!!!
  I am so excited about our group...not too sure just how it will work, but I know I'll learn a lot.


  And, I do have a little hand project to keep me honest.  I can't tell you any more about it just yet.  But, I can tell you that this is Colorando yarn from my favorite yarn shop, Clinch River Yarns.  It was just waiting for the right project.

  I'm still threading warps....that seems to be an ongoing project!  (And, I need to put a warp on for my study project, too!!!)  Outside the glass doors I noticed that I still have some snow hanging on in the shady areas.
  Folk wisdom says that this snow is hanging on until the next snow.....uh-oh!
  After our brush with the Arctic Vortex, I'm not in the mood for more wintry weather!!!  The kitties and I want to just snuggle in and wait winter out!!!  
  Since that's not an option, I guess I'll get some coffee and go thread.
Stay Warm!!!
Weave On!


KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Yup, Jason Collingwood classes are worth it! I have attended 11 of them and thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned so much that bleeds over into my other weaving, not just rugs!

Karen and Steve
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Maggie said...

I'm ready for Sunday! I've got a nekkid loom looking for direction!