Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Day

It's currently 51 degrees and partly cloudy outside, but we all know that in a few hours, rain will come along, turning to snow in the wee hours, and the temperature will plummet to 17 degrees by noon tomorrow.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  And it's made the Tuesday Weavers cancel our Holiday Party, complete with gift exchange and potluck for the 14th.
  I'm happy to burrow in my loominaria for the next two days and weave, especially now that I've dyed new weft for the purple and gold shawl warp.  I can't believe how perfect it came out!  I do love the first shawl, with its cream colored weft of rayon, but I think the new gold weft will be stunning.  And I dyed it myself!
  I'm still wondering whether to bead in between the fringes, especially since I found the perfect beads, lots of variety, and all matching the warp and weft.
  I finished the second three-thread Huck lace scarf on Tootsie, too, and started a new one with some taupe-colored rayon I bought a few years ago.  I think it will still be masculine, but have a nicer drape than the merino.  It's weaving up fast, and the project waiting in the wings will be for our new study group on Huck lace.  Be sure to let LouAnn or Marie or me know if you're interested in joining us!
  All across the country, this storm will be postponing things and inconveniencing folks.  I hope you're safe and sound, weaving away happily!

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LA said...

The roads are clear, but my driveway is a ski ramp!!!! Your weaving has inspired me to just stay put and weave!!! Stay warm...cuddle with your fur buddies!