Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Full House

  I heard someone say we had 21 or 22 folks at weaving this morning.....I didn't do a recount!  Just like many mornings, we walked into a donation left for us on the table.  This one was all fabric.  (No...Carol and Christy are not playing tug o' war with that piece!)

  Irene and Ron tackled the Kids Kamp closet where many donations go to live until summer.  These items will be used for many, many craft projects.

  This is a sight you don't see every day!!!  A man in a loom!!!! 
  Ray spent some quality time with the Studio loom getting it ready to weave his next project.

  A whole row of dedicated weavers!!!!  It looks like Joan will be cutting off her warp any minute!!!

Frieda's scarf warp (blue warp) is coming right along.   That green warp is Sharon's M&W scarf.


  Betsy is weaving on her painted placemat warp.  Take a look at the pattern!!!!

 Carl finished threading and he tied onto the back rod of his loom.  That means we'll be winding on the warp next week!  Christy has prepared more blue jean legs for him to cut into strips for his rugs!!!!

I don't know why Linda moved in with THE LADIES....I think she was waiting for Tina to finish the re-thread on the little Macomber.  Linda will be taking over the towel warp....a little respite from the black placemat warp.

  Anna finished her scarf warp, and volunteered to finish the scarf warp on the Pup. 

  Helen is still weaving on her table runner.  Those weft stripes are right out of Mary Black's book!!!!  (Chapter 3)

  Irene and Ron must have known how busy we would be today, and they brought some yummy donuts for our morning.  This was all that was left by lunch!!!!

  Liz is through threading...next week the reed and weaving!!!!

  All lined up and ready to go!  These are the skeins and warps that are pre-rinsed and ready for Dye Day this week.  The Weavers are meeting on Thursday and Friday to work their magic.

Stay warm!
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Oh the possibilities of those natural warps! Have fun.

Tina J said...

The stand that Polly made to display our rugs is perfect for these drying warps! On the other hand, in the projects and in our clothing I see the colors of Spring, pink and green! We are reflecting the spring colors we are seeing outside!