Monday, March 19, 2018

Dye Day Again

A couple of times a year we schedule dye days. We'd originally planned for earlier in the year but we weren't ready, so Thursday was finally the day! We worked hard the few weeks beforehand getting ready. Several people took cones home to wind for us. As a result we had quite a few scarf warps and a shawl warp plus skeins for weft.
We washed them all on Tuesday so they were ready to soak on Thursday. I forgot to take pictures until lunch time. It was quick with so much to do and if we got it all done, we wouldn't have to come on Friday. 
Ila and Frieda were busy working together on one table.
Ray got his skeins done. You can see Bonnie's warp wound out next to him. We're getting good about dyeing in small spaces thanks to Katherine Weber's class.
I love Joan's colors. She had an inspiration picture. But, this is even better.
Mixing master cups of dye and then figuring out what to do with them. Such fun!! Those of you who don't join us have no idea of the feeling when the colors mix on the warp as you paint.
So we got it all done!! That meant that most people had to paint 2 warps and the skeins to go with them. Plus, cleaning up everything since there was another class in there this weekend.

DD and I were invited to a baby shower on Saturday. The mom to be is a good friend so I had planned and made another Berenstain Bear quilt. I actually had  4 quilt tops for DD to pick from. This is the one she chose.
Turns out the mom to be loved those books as a kid. Good thing because we also gave her a book. Did you know that the couple that wrote them passed away but their son is now writing the books?
I'm glad he's continuing their work. Kids need books like this.

Then a week before the shower we finally checked what she'd registered for. Winnie the Pooh!!!
So we decided to add another gift. I had a piece of fabric from the stash I raided at my inlaws place in Atlanta when we closed the house. It was meant to be a book but instead, I cut them all apart, added fabric around each square and ended up with another baby blanket.
She loved it. She got a bunch of Pooh books so her child will be surrounded by love....and honey! Ha!
Still not weaving much here. I have a stack of rinsing left to do so that's going to keep me busy today.
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

So glad all went well for Dye Day! LOVE the quilts! That's one lucky kid!

Tina J said...

I hope we have show and tell on Tuesday!!!!