Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Same But Different

  You might think this is just a recycled picture...so many times they all look the same.  That's just us...doing what we do.  The looms are pulled out, and folks start weaving. 
  Well....we don't start immediately.  You always need catch-up time with your fellow weavers before you sit down at your loom.


  Marie got right to work winding the rest of Carl's warp.  She knew she had to leave early today, so this was the first thing on her list!

  As promised, Carol had Helen help Liz wind on her placemat warp.  The more she winds on, the more familiar the process is when you have to do one by yourself.

  Tina took some time to study the towel warp. She discovered that she had some threading errors last week.  But,  she had some options...and, she decided to rethread the towel warp.  (She's a fast threader....I'm not worried!)

  Ms. Ila was ready to start weaving her first shawl on this warp.  She was trying to decide which treadling she wanted to start with, and went with the easiest one.  That way, if she finds a threading error, it's a lot easier to unweave!!!!  Yes....she found a crossed thread.........
  Bonnie began weaving her scarf today, too.

  What do you think????????
  There's a story here, but I'll wait to share it.

 Shirley finished her scarf warp and cut off the four scarves from the cloth beam.

  Christy sure has job security!  She's working on another stack of blue jean legs to join AND we had a donation of more blue jeans left over from a church rummage sale.  YEAH!!!

   Pat was determined to finish her warp...and she DID!    This warp was cut off this afternoon!  They will grow up to be table runners for some lucky folks.

  Margi got busy with the skein winder and made a 600 yard bamboo skein for dye day.  This will be dyed for weft.

  Ray began winding his doubleweave warp....630 threads!!!!!  He got the first part done this morning.  This is a great opportunity for our newer weavers to see double weave close up and personal!

 And, at any point in the day, you'll see lots of conversations taking place in the studio. 

Sharing our lives.....

Happy Weaving



Hilary said...

I love seeing what you are all doing.....and every time I do, I wish I lived closer.

Theresa said...

I think the same thing. I wish I lived closer to SUCH a vibrant weaving community.

Tina J said...

Beautiful post LouAnn, it about sums it up!