Friday, March 9, 2018

In Motion

Last week we left the Jacobs fleeces standing in a row in the upstairs hallway.  Today I finally packed away the last 6 fleeces into their bags, and it was time to find a more suitable place to store these bags.  It was going to require some thought, and more than a little moving around of things.

I found a corner where I could stack them up.....

The only thing on the shelves behind these fleeces is really fine linen thread that is not going to be used for awhile, so not vital for day to day activities.

Right beside the stack of fleeces I put an extra spool rack that looks like it was made to hold these in check.  There was just enough room to slip the narrow Leclerc 4 harness jack loom that is waiting for a project.

I did a tiny bit of research and found out that this little  loom is probably a pre 1950 model, so it is older than I am!!!!!  I will eventually get a project on her, it isn't high on the list just now.

What was high on my list this week was loom dismantling.  I have 2 looms that were on loan that will be going back to their respective homes.  One to the annex at the Center on Tuesday and the other one is the rug loom that LouAnn loaned me some months ago.  It is a sweet loom, but my hips really complained about the back hinge treadles, so back home to LouAnn he goes.  It is a regular musical looms around here!

My "new to me" bobbins to use on my Hansen mini spinner with a Woolee winder arrived this week.  I now have a grand total of 12 bobbins to fill up before I stop to wind off skeins for fulling.  Since I have so many bobbins and the Woolee Winder loads the bobbins evenly all by itself,  all I have to do is spin, and remember to take breaks once in awhile!

You can see my copy of the "New Key to Weaving" by Mary Black.  We are studying this book as a group, one chapter a month.  This month we are on plain weave,  it is tempting to skim, but I am trying not to!  We are not actually weaving the lesson samples in the book yet, but we might later, I am kind of keeping that small Leclerc pictured above free just in case we decided to do some sampling.

Until next time, keep moving, Tina

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LA said...

I think you're on a roll! It's nice to rearrange and work in your space.