Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Santa's Weaving Elves

  It is now less than two weeks until the big day, and Santa has been busy with the weaving elves.
  On the table by Carol's elbow you'll see a stack of soup cozys that Betsy wove.  She sold a bunch at the Foothills show, and someone called wanting more!  They're getting new stickers to go upstairs in the shop.  Betsy just made someone very happy!

  Alyce has joined THE LADIES on the back row!  (Shirley will be back, don't worry!)  Now that she's on a floor loom, she's right in the thick of the action!

Ray is working on  the Studio rug loom (he kinda looks like someone we see this time of the year, don't you think????)


  Jocelyn is back to work on the peacock shawl.  She's putting in a spacer for her fringes (it's clear...you can just see the tip in her right hand.)

  On the back row, Marie and Tina got right to work on their looms.  Weaving elves always have a lot to do!

  Pat was happily back to her loom...she got the good news that her grandchildren will be moving closer to our area in the new year!!!!!

  Liz's pillowticking towels are coming right along!

  There's always time to catch up with weaving friends!


  Some elves just keep on weaving....it's quieter in the back corner of the studio! 

  Joan is back from her trip "up North"...where exactly did she go????  She and Polly were looking over the yarn Ms. Ila brought.  (Ms. Ila is cleaning out her stash!  Merry Christmas to some lucky weavers!)

  Our very own Christmas miracle:  Carol gets to weave with the weavers!  This doesn't happen very often!  But, this scarf warp needed to be woven off the loom

  All of our weaver elves were super busy today! 

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Those are certainly busy little weaving elves! Love those ticking towels!