Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hummmmming Right Along!

Yesterday LouAnn and I made another trip to Asheville to pick up a couple of my Antique wheels from the wheel repair shop, Bobbin Boy.  While we were going that way, I took the spinning wheel that I had picked up at the Estate Sale a couple of weeks ago, to get the whorl repaired and to get it on it's way up to NJ.

One of the wheels I picked up was my Canadian Production Wheel.  I had taken it to the repair shop for a couple of reasons, it needed 2 hooks replaced and there was something amiss that affected how the yarn was taken onto the bobbin.

This wheel is wicked fast and likes to spin a very fine single, but the yarn wouldn't load fast enough onto the bobbin and it would balloon out from the flyer, which interrupts the flow of very fast yarn production.

Alan, Bobbin Boy, worked miracles for this wheel.  He replaced the 2 hooks and he worked on the bobbin whorl so that it was a much better fit to the ratio of the flyer whorls.

I began to spin a little bit this morning while I was waiting on a fleece that was soaking in the washer.  I tried a little long draw and found that the take up was so improved that I could back off of the tension on the drive band.  The bobbin was rattling a bit and I remembered that I hadn't oiled everything before I started.  So I oiled all the usual places, bearings, bobbin and drive wheel.

I started again and the chatter was almost gone, I oiled around the bobbin again and all you can hear now is the whisper of the drive wheel and the hum of the flyer.

I have left this wheel in the kitchen for now, I may move it up to the family room where the wood stove is, if I can squeeze it in.  As it is, the wheel is convenient to both the kitchen and to the laundry room, where it is easy to fit in a few minutes of spinning while I wait on the pasta sauce that is simmering and the washing machine where I am soaking  yet another Jacobs fleece clean.

Jacobs fleece "#10 Heart" is what I am spinning right now, and it is the first of several of these Jacobs fleeces that I plan to spin into a fairly fine 2 ply yarn with which to weave a blanket or two.  I think that these fleeces are soft enough to make a really fine blanket.

The wood stove is pinging, keeping us warm, the pasta sauce is bubbling for dinner tonight with the grandkids, the washer is working it's magic on fleece "04-15" and the Canadian Production Wheel is humming, and that is what I call a perfect morning.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

Spinning by the stove is a great activity during this cold snap!!! I know you enjoy spinning on the CPW.