Thursday, December 7, 2017

Checking My List

  Last Thursday I was still working on the tree skirt:  sewing all those Xs on each square.  By Saturday night, I started laying them out on the table.  After rearranging them a couple of times, I was finally ready to start joining the squares.
  Yes...that's right....the seams are on the front of the piece.  I love the Christmas cat fabric!  I think I have just about used it all up by now.

  When all the squares had been joined, then all the seams have to be clipped.  And, just like our handwovens, it's time to wet finish.  As I took the skirt out of the dryer, I had that moment of joy when I saw that the technique worked.....except for one seam that I missed clipping!  Oh, well.....
  After Christmas, this will get another trip through the washer and dryer to "fluff" up the seams just a wee bit more!

  The cats have given it their seal of approval.  I have found them napping on the skirt a few times.

  My weaving project is threaded and waiting for a stolen moment or two of loom time.
  I'm cleaning and putting things away.  I'm really excited about our family gathering....but, I don't think they need to trip over the drum carder or the bucket of heddles. 

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

I love the new tree skirt, hopefully I will get a chance to see it in person, and look at those tubs full of bright colors! Looks like it is going to be a fun project.