Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Finishing Up the Year

  After getting the lowdown on everyone's holiday, we got to work at the looms.  Ray brought in a stash of yarn that he's had for a few years (given to him by a friend and taking up room in his house!)   There was some multi-colored yarn that can be used for our straw loom kits!  Since some of our weavers were absent today, we put it away until they could go through it, also.
  Ray is already thinking about his next warp on this loom since this will be the last rug.  Linda ended up adding another weight for a loose thread.....she's getting so close to the end of this warp!

 Even Carol got in on the action on that scarf warp that needs to be finished.   

  A close up of Bonnie's loom shows the end of the shawl warp coming around the back beam. 

  On the right is Frieda's scarf warp.  That's three scarves on the cloth beam!  I think she's ready for this warp to end!

  We had some visitors this afternoon .  Polly got one of the kids weaving on her table loom.  I think she really enjoyed it!!!!

  Dad had a good time talking to the Ladies about their weaving.

  Through it all, Carl just kept on weaving.  He reported that after this rug, there's probably enough warp left to weave one more rug.

  Marie went with the burgundy/chocolate weft for this shawl.  It works well with the bright pink!

  Polly made sure we could make it through the morning...she baked banana bread that was out of this world!!!!  Thank you, Polly....it sure hit the spot.

  We'll start off a new year next week....so many new projects to plan.  Who knows what we'll learn along the way!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

I've certainly enjoyed following you all this year. Happy New Year to all!