Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Plan Comes Together

   Yes...it's the Tuesday before the big Foothills show.  That means that all hands are on deck, and we pull woven items from the shop upstairs and load up cars with display equipment.
  Polly was pressed into service calling off inventory numbers for Marie to list on the master sheet. 

  Weavers who have brought items to sell in the show have to make sure each item is tagged, and they have to give Marie an inventory sheet listing their items.
  No....Betsy is NOT drinking on the job!!!!  She wove some fantastic bottle bags for the show, and it helps if we display them WITH a bottle.  Maybe after the show.....
  Anna made more little tree ornaments on her pin loom, and she even made a mini tree for display.
  (Note to self:  take LOTS of pictures Thursday!)


 Carl decided to stay out of the madness and just weave, weave, weave!!!!

  It was business as usual for Helen as she continues to thread her new warp.  Carol is always there to lend a hand and answer questions.
   (NO...the mallet is not used to keep Helen on task.  We were using it to break down the rug display that Polly built!)

   Linda wove all of those placemats for the sale, and she's now weaving black on black placemats....at least until the warp is all gone (which won't be much longer.)

  They look even better in real life!!!!!
(I'm going to try some white on white with my warp!)

  Jocelyn's new shawl warp reminds me of the peacocks at the Museum of Appalachia!  The colors are so much richer than what my camera caught in this picture.

  Christy warped her Inkle loom for some sparkly Christmas book marks.  I think she'll have them for sale this weekend!

  The shawl warp that never ends is coming to an end!!!!  You might remember that this was from a warp that was marked for two shawls.  At the end of two, Ms. Ila thought there might be enough for a third.  After much weaving, she cut it off and made a poncho....but there was MORE!  Today the last of the warp came over the warp beam!

  Next door, the Ladies worked their way to the beginning of the old shawl, and got it tied onto the bar.  Good job, Ladies!!!!  Weaving will begin next week.

  After weeks and weeks of watching Ms. Ila weave, Bonnie fell in love with this last shawl as it rolled off the cloth beam.  In fact.....she loved it so much that she bought it unfinished!!!!  After all, she knows how to twist fringes, right?

  I'm so glad Ms. Ila baked us some peanut butter cookies to keep us going today.  As you can see, we really needed the energy........
  Thank you, Ms. Ila!

Wish Us Luck!!!!


Hilary said...

Good luck! Have an amazing show!!

Theresa said...

Let me second what Hilary said, so DOUBLE Luck!