Tuesday, November 7, 2017


  It's so nice to look up and see old friends walk into the studio!  Welcome back, Roz! 
  It seems that there has been a communications breakdown with some emails, but we're really glad to see her! 
  Roz and Margi came today to work on woven wall hangings for the Foothills show.  I could have sworn that I had a picture of Margi from this morning, but somehow it disappeared!  But, you get the idea about their project.

  Christy pitched in on another project that Carol wanted done.  That's even more bits and pieces to use for those creations!
  Polly got pulled for many jobs today:  changing out the fluorescent tubes over Carl and Tina's loom was first on the list!  Then, we cornered her about a project for our Foothills booth....and she said it is do-able!!!  Yeah!!!  Pictures next week????

   Here's a close up picture of  Pat's table runner warp.  Don't you just love all the different designs???  She's already talking about using the middle section in another project.  I love how our weaving can inspire new weaving projects!

   This is what true friends look like.

  They will sit with you and pull out old warp threads.  They will count groups of 20 and knot them off. 
  They are there for you!!!!

  That's it for today....we're getting ready for the big Foothills show next week, and there's always lots of plotting and planning to do before we go.  Next week we'll be pulling items from the shop to take along with the woven items from our Tuesday Weavers. We'll all be busy little weavers!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

OMG, that runner warp, so much fun! Different twill threadings on 4s/6t?
You guys have the bestest show!