Monday, November 20, 2017

Last for this year!

The pictures aren't that good but you can see the booth as it was on Friday morning before the chaos of the show began!!
With the lights we have to use, you just don't see the glorious red of that jacket. My booth was in a dark spot of the floor, under a concrete walkway. Tuesday Weavers had a light overhead but mine was dark. Using every light I had, we were able to focus on the colors of the clothes to highlight them.
I love this coat. I wish I was tall enough to wear it but at my height, it would drag on the floor or else it would be mine!!
Can't go wrong with nice cotton jackets!
I'm low on tops. That's definitely on the list to weave next year!! If I get a wholesale order, these will be gone!

So today I figured out what to send where and the rest got packed in tubs with inventory sheets so that I can find items as needed to send off. It's been a good year but I'm ready for a break. There are some quilts that need finishing and one that hasn't been started yet that's got to be done by Christmas...
I'm also planning what to weave next year so when I am ready, the yarn for each project will be in its tub, just waiting to be pulled out and wound into warps! It's going to be here before we know it!
Until next week, keep weaving!


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Tina J said...

The new black jackets with teal or cranberry are lovely, a great development in your product line!