Monday, November 6, 2017

Stash Reduction

Those of us that weave talk about our yarn stashes. It's important to have choices. When I order yarn, I do so with projects in mind that I've planned. I try to just order what I need but you have to order a tad more just to be sure you don't run out of yarn. So over time, you get a stash of extras. I store my yarns in huge clear rubbermaids. I got shelving from Home Depot, I think. There are a couple of them in the back of the room and 3 tubs fit on each shelf. Since they're clear, it's easy to see where the yarns are. 
When I plan a project, I simply pull out an empty Office Depot cardboard box and fill it with the yarns for that warp. I love it when I have everything I need for a project.
That's what happened the other day when I looked at what I had. I didn't want to order any yarns and see what I could do. I had a cone of variegated accent yarn so pulled out colors to go with it. It was a short warp. Just 2 tops and 2 vests. I liked the combination of colors.
Then weft. I didn't have a stash of several pounds to work with this so looked at my partial cones. I had enough to weave a top and vest with a nice chocolate that's warmer than the picture shows.
Cranberry looked good and I had enough to weave a top with it.
A nice deep green worked great for a vest.

And that was the end of the warp. I used up some of the stash and ended up with 4 nice pieces to add to my stock for the show in just over a week. 
It all started with a cone of inspiration yarn. 
I've got a last warp on the loom right now that's just waiting to be woven off. Hopefully I'll be serging  the pieces later today. It's a rainy sleepy kind of day outside but inside it'll be filled with the noises of my shuttle and beater going....and some vintage NCIS shows playing in the background. 
All in a day's work!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

Using up stash does give you the feeling of accomplishment!!! And, you have new pieces to show for it!

Ann said...

I have not woven much fabric as yet but plan to soon. If and when you have time, would you please tell us the approximate width and length of warp you aim for to have fabric for "a couple of tops"?

Tina J said...

Inspirational as always!