Thursday, November 16, 2017

It's A GO!

It's a lot like being an artist.

We start with a blank slate and work from there.

We met at 9 o'clock this morning in Knoxville.

The cars were unloaded quickly and pulled out of the way.

The display items went up first....and moved around several times until we were happy with the arrangement.

The tubs full of woven items just sat parked in the aisle until we were ready to unpack.

It's a good thing that there were not many folks setting up that early....we were really taking up space!!!!

One of our new display pieces this year is this four sided kiosk.  You would not believe how many items you can display on this!!!!!

We have placemats, towels, purses, scarves, bottle bags and hair bows.  Oh yes....I almost forgot...we also have tassels
  We just kept adding arms to the frame and hanging more items!

  I am really excited about our new rug display, also!  We have so many lovely, sturdy rugs....and folks need to be able to see them.

We have so many rugs that we have them on the table and under the shelves.

What a variety!!!!

 I promised you a picture of Anna's ornament tree.

And, you can see her cute little pin cushions, too.

You can just see the tips of some of Christy's bookmarks on the lower right.


It all came together.

Lots and lots of shawls this year!

Marie has several mobius scarves.

And, don't forget Betsy's soup cozys!

 We have placemats in several locations.  You never know what will catch someone's eye!

The scarves show well on the spiral rack.

Here's two sides of the kiosk.

  The best part of this???  We were finished by 12:30!

Oh.......well, some of us were finished!!!!  There's always something that needs that last minute touch, right?

Thanks to Marie, Tina, Pat and Anna for a job well done!!!

Here's to a successful show.......



Linda Long said...

Great job, it looks wonderful. Anxious to be there tomorrow.

Hilary said...

Curious about the spiral rack with the circles that you put the scarves through......was it purchased that way??? or did you make it that way???
And love the 4 side kiosk.