Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Team Effort

  You see it all the time around here.....weaver helping weaver.  We bounce ideas off of each other.....we get how-to tips from the other weavers.

  Questions are answered....opinions are offered....we plan new projects.

  Bargains are honored.

   Sometimes, it takes two to solve a problem.

 Ray got that pesky treadle on Betsy's loom fixed just right!!!

   Bonnie was excited that her towel warp was finally finished.  Six towels????
  But, then she volunteered for another project!!!

  One of the painted shawls needed to be rewoven....but, how will we save the warp?  After many suggestions, the old warp was threaded through a reed and the old weft was removed. 

  And, those threads were moved to a second reed to be taken to the loom.  Bonnie will thread the loom front to back before she winds on the warp.
  Stay tuned!  It's a team effort!!!!

Happy Weaving!

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Did you guys get any of Irma? Good save on that warp! Too pretty to waste.