Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Stormy Tuesday

  When I listened to the weather report last night, I'm sure they said that the storms weren't due until around two in the afternoon!!!!  HA!  The thunder was rumbling while I got ready to leave for Norris!  And, it poured all the way to the Center!!!!!
  Never fear....inside the Studio it was a cheerful and light!  Carl and Pat got right to work cutting the blue jean strips for more rugs.  That's always a good time to catch up with friends!

    Connie brought in the mug rugs that she finished, and trimmed the threads that peeked out.  They still need to be hemmed!  You can see Helen in the background....and you can see that the warp is inching its way over the back beam!!!  I wonder if she has been thinking about her next warp?????

  In the forefront are the towels that Tina cut off her loom last week.  Remember?  She made a bargain with Marie to hem those towels, and here they are!!!!!  A few of them were sold before they could even get tagged!
  And, yes....that is one of the pink shawls that Marie wove and cut off last week.  We'll talk about that later!


  Our Ladies are always a bright spot in the Studio.  Lively conversations and colorful woven articles come out of the back row.  Some might say that the back row IS the place to be!

   Alyce has started a project on her rigid heddle loom.  (Note her smart cone holder!!!)  Christy is a good source of weaving advice!

   Marie is using some medium gray for the weft on this shawl.  This is the third one in the pink series. 

   Frieda, Joan and Liz keep watch on the Ladies, and get a world of weaving accomplished at the same time!

  Linda's knee knocker cloth beam is getting even bigger!  When WILL she cut off those placemats????

  Betsy is using up lots of bits and pieces in her new rug.  Each stripe of this rug is framed by four rows of burgundy weft.  It is really looking good!

  Sharon is trying to decide which treadling she's going to use on the next scarf....and which color to use for the weft.  (This is a lime, yellow-orange and brown painted warp.)  She found a deep green that I think will be perfect!

  Rainy weather did not deter a donation for the weavers.  This was a collection of fabric that was sorted through by the weavers.

  As promised, Tina is twisting the fringes of the pink shawls that Marie wove.  (I love all the collaboration!)  A good bargain for both of them!

  Ray brought his placemats that he wove to share with the group.  This was his first foray into painted warps.  I think he was happy with the results!!!

Let it rain.....we're snug in the Studio!

Happy Weaving!

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Tina J said...

I love collaborating with Marie!