Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Guess You Just Had To Be There

This was the most serene time of our day.

I'll give you a hint......see all that floor space.  That's a rare moment around here.  But, first thing in the morning, before all the looms come out of hiding, we have a large floor space with NOTHING in it! 
  And, our Bonnie likes to keep things tidy....the perfect time to vacuum.  Thank you, Bonnie!

Our Yarn Barn order came in very quickly.  We sorted the rayons from the cottons...even the three shades of red!!!!

  We also labeled inside the cones so we would have ready information instead of guessing!!!
  These colors will go so nicely with our projects!

  Of course the next step is putting it on the shelf.  That involved some mad shifting around of the thread that was taking up space on the shelves!!!!
  I missed Pat....she had stepped out to take a phone call.  But, here you have Liz and Tina getting it done!

  Even though we were all over Helen's space, she managed to finish up her warp, and got it off the loom.  Yeah, Helen!  Time to be thinking about what you'd like to weave next!

  We were so happy to see Molly back with us today!  Maybe next week we can hear all about her grand trip!

  And, there's always some loom repair going on!  Polly and Ron got under Betsy's loom to check on those pesky treadles....Irene was the supervisor.  (I just can't resist an "under the loom" picture!)

  We had some special visitors in the studio this afternoon.  Alan Dewey (AKA Bobbin Boy) was here with his wife Milissa to pick up a loom they had bought from Linda.  Tina is always taking spinning wheel parts to Alan to repair.....he's the best!  Since he was going to be here today, she brought something for him to work on in his spare time!!!!  (Little joke....hahahaha!)

  Milissa spent some time talking to Carl about weaving on the barn loom (she knows a lot about old looms!)  And, she spent time with Marie looking at all our projects on the looms.

  Just so you know, I did not take pictures of the three HUGE bags of blue jeans that came in from a donation.
  The large bag of fabric scraps that were donated from a home sewer.
  The 30 or so banker's boxes that were the life time craft supplies of one of the Center's founding members.

I guess you just had to be there.

Happy Weaving!

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