Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Learning From Each Other

  This is what you will usually see when you step into the studio.  Looms pulled out, weavers throwing their shuttles, and quiet (sometimes) concentration.  We have visitors from time to time who wander from loom to loom and look at all the lovely colors and patterns.  Sometimes they ask questions, and sometimes they just look.

  Carl is our go-to guy when we have questions about rag rugs.  I love how he varies the blue jean panels from light to dark to create interest in the rug.
  At home, he weaves on an eight harness Macomber, much like the one we have here at the Center.  (The one at the Center is a 12 harness loom.)  Molly needed to change her tie up today, and Carl was able to give her some tips.  These looms are NOT the easiest to tie up!!!!!

  Pat is a wonder at working through a stack of blue jeans to get them ready for weaving!  Remember our donation from last week?  Well....Pat jumped right in and quickly was making stacks of leg panels, tops and seams.  We try to put the whole blue jean to work!!!

  Carol gets pulled in lots of directions in the Studio.  Lanny is getting ready to weave some placemats at home using fabric.  His question today was, "How much fabric will he need to buy?"  OK.....this is a question for Carol!

   Now it's time to work with Sara.  Carol has started teaching our new weavers to lash on a warp rather than tying onto the bar.  Let's learn to do this the right way!!!!

  Ray is always a go-to person....and we are all in love with those towels!!!! 

  Ms. Ila finished the THIRD shawl on her two shawl warp (that's what the tag on the painted warp said!!!)  Now the question is, "Is there enough warp left for another shawl?"  Shirley helped Ms. Ila take off the woven shawls from the cloth beam.


Three beautiful shawls!!!!! 

Just in time for Homecoming at the Museum!!!

  I'll leave you with a study in concentration.  This is Bonnie's reweave project.  She's threading from the back of the loom....very carefully.
  No worries....she has a lot of people to help out when needed.

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

I've always wanted to learn that lashing technique. Are you guys using it at both back and front of the loom? Front or back warping only? another wonderful day at the weaving studio. I love those towels too! :-)