Monday, September 11, 2017

Back to Weaving

I wrote such a good blog this morning and clicked for it to publish. It started and then the whole thing disappeared and I had to email LouAnn on how to get back into the blog. It didn't save the blog so I have to start over again. Hopefully this one will publish!!
When I got back from my trip, I didn't have a firm plan on what to weave but remembered some painted warps so pulled them out and am weaving all of them.
The first warp was for 3 vests. I like to dye in shades of dark grey. I've tried for black but I think I'd have to use 2 to 3 times as much dye to get it and haven't done that yet. It is on my list!
Anyway, I had painted weft, too so this is the first one. It's pretty much just the shades of grey.
Adding one color can give the combination a nice spark to the greys. It's still muted but different from what I've done before.
I'm not sure what I added to this combination but I do like it. Adding earth tones to the grey makes for an interesting vest.
The second warp was also shades of grey. I almost forgot to take pictures but did get part of the first jacket and part of the second. The first jacket was woven with popcorn. I like popcorn. It's a combination of rayon and cotton. It's a bulky yarn that makes for a winter jacket, at least for this part of the world! I was able to order some of it which was great to get the black I wanted. It came on one pound comes. I used over one and a half pounds of weft. It's a heavy jacket but that's kind of nice when it's cold. The other jacket is bamboo and will be so drapey...

I have two more warps to weave but they have lots of color in them and will be a joy to weave. Scheduling another dye day may be a good idea! 
Until next week, keep,weaving.

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LA said...

These are not your usual colorful warps!!!! But, they will be great additions to other's wardrobes!