Tuesday, August 1, 2017


  Welcome back, Sara!  It's been a few years, but with a little schedule change, she is going to be able to join us again.  Besides loving to weave, she wants to be part of our weaving community.
  I understand!!!  (We often say that being part of the Tuesday Weavers is just cheap therapy!!!)

  So....today we wrote out her weaving plan (remember to start a weaving notebook!)  After all the math, Marie set up the warping mill, and Sara got ready to wind her warp.  She got half of it done and chained off today.  We'll start the second half next week.

  Another great part of being in our community is sharing our weaving projects and trouble shooting weave structures.  Marie just finished a honeycomb project, and she brought her sample today.  Ray has just started a honeycomb project, too!  This discussion concerned draw in and carrying the heavy thread up the sides of the project.

   Helen is working her way through her first project on the table loom.  Today she did some trouble shooting with a loose thread....yes, hang a weight!!!  Ask us.....we know these things!

  Lanny has returned from Scotland, and he has some wonderful pictures of his trip.  It's always nice when our fiber friends return (he saw the restored tapestries at Stirling Castle!!!!)

 There's usually a warp going on a loom somewhere in the studio....Joan was busy today with her new warp. 

   Then, there's the knee knockers!!!!  You know....the placemats on the cloth beam are up against your knees!!!  Linda might have to cut these off pretty soon!

  The gray weft is working with this pink warp.  Marie is on the right track.

  Those blue jeans look great with that red warp, Carl!  Another ribbon winning rug, I think!

   Bonnie took the vacuum cleaner back to the old barn loom and got up all the lint and threads.  While she had the vacuum out, she just tidied up a bit!

   Welcome back, Anna!  She been traveling, too, this summer.  It's so nice to have our friends back in the fold.
  *****We all hope Carol is having a great time with her sister!  I wonder how many quilts they will make this summer!

  Yes....you guessed!  We had home baked lemon cake for a treat today!  Bonnie baked this for us from Shirley's recipe!
  Isn't it fun being part of this community????!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Oh my that's a whole heap of placemats and weaving in general for a summer crew. Welcome back to all the travelers.