Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Little Stash Reduction

   A tub full of yarn.
  Old issues of Handwoven.

  More magazines.

Someone has been cleaning....and you know what that means!!!!  Some lucky weavers get to add to their stash!

We all had to have some time with Carol and hear all about her trip.
   .....oh, yes.....and we did some weaving!!!!

  Carl got right to his rug warp.  I also noticed that he took home some blue jean legs to join this week.  That means he'll be cutting weft next week!!!!

  Betsy's first rug on this warp is done!  We're going to have some great rugs for the Fall sales!

Concentration is the key for Liz.

  And, our Ladies were on task, too.  This is the last towel on Bonnie's warp....she has another warp waiting to go on her loom.

  Tina and Marie are happy campers!  Marie is going to hem Tina's towels AND Tina will twist the fringes on Marie's shawls!  Now, that's team work for you!!!!

  Ray is getting a lot done on his towel warp, also.  Those will be a wonderful addition to our booth in a few weeks!

   We don't get to see this very often:  Carol at a loom!!!  (I had to get this picture!)  She sat down to do some trouble shooting at Joan's loom.

   A little flair of the dramatic.....we have watched these shawls take shape.  Here they are all finished!!!  Great job, Jocelyn!

Another great Tuesday!
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

So much beautiful weaving going on, can't help but love those bright red towels on the loom! Such pretty shawls too!

Tina J said...

It was a fun day, I brought some magazines and stuff, but I went home with more than I brought, that was not my plan!

roth phallyka said...

can't help but love those bright red towels on the loom! Such pretty shawls too!