Monday, August 28, 2017

Home Again

I know. I haven't posted in a month.
I left July 26 for my annual trip to Canada. Driving long days, I got to my sister's place in Moose Jaw in 3 days. One of my nieces was visiting with her baby and I wanted to see them before they left.
It was a family kind of trip.
Playing with babies is fun! Reading books to future bookworms is awesome.
The first week we did get some sewing done. I'm had brought a quilt top to be quilted and did manage to cut and sew another one so my friend could quilt it. I also brought a project to sew that's been in the works for maybe 15 years. I embroidered over 30 squares for the quilt. I brought it along to assemble finally. Problem is that I only had 29 squares when I actually started sewing. So it's back here and I'm looking for the extra squares so I can finish assembling it. It's on tap to be quilted next year.
Then my sister and I decided to take a road trip. She drove! 7 days, 6 nights with stops in Saskatoon, Lloydminster which is on the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary and Coaldale! Again, this was all family related! I do have relatives all over!
Another week at my sister's home and then the long 2000 mile trek back! I took 4 days to come home. A couple of quilt shops helped break the driving...
I know. No pictures. I hope to have that next week. 
Right now I'm just trying to get things back to normal!
Laundry, getting another warp on the know the drill!!
Until next week, keep weaving!!


Linda said...

Welcome back!!!

Theresa said...

Welcome back! I do hope you find that errant quilt square!

Tina J said...

Yay! We are glad you are back!

roth phallyka said...

I do hope you find that errant quilt square!