Thursday, August 10, 2017

*Wild * Life*

  Do you ever have those burst of inspiration?  You see something, and it ***ding, ding, ding!  What could I do with this? 
  My niece subscribes to one of those food clubs that send you ALL the items you'll need to make a fab dinner for your family.  Everything is fresh, and packed carefully.  They are even super eco-conscience!  Instead of Styrofoam for insulation, they use this mat of cotton and jute.  Their thinking is that it is biodegradable. 
  My niece thought of me!  (How well she knows me!)
  And, now that I'm spinning (beginner!) I wondered if I could blend this fiber into something and use it to spin for weaving. 
  I consulted with my fiber friend, Tina.  She's thinks we can combine it with cotton and spin it.

  That led me to this!!!
I couldn't help myself....this Little Brother Drum Carder needed to come to my house and help me with this project.
  Brother Drum Carders are made in Silverton, Oregon.....I love it that they are American made!  It arrived Tuesday night, and I got him all set up on his very own table.

  They recommended using dark fleece for the first few projects.  I had some short pieces that Tina had given me to make dryer balls, so I thought they would be great for my practice batts. 

   Sure enough....I'm getting better at this.  I think this will be fun!
  I'll let you know how the experiment works.  This could be recycling at its best!!!!

  Another project in the works.  I love the look of a wound warp!  Now, I need to take it to the loom!!!!

****Details later!!!

  Uh-oh....can you see the picture???? two new visitors!  It was almost dark the other night when I looked out to see these two eating under the bird feeder.
  Sorry the picture is so dull....I took it through the screen door.  I wasn't about to go all the way outside!!!!!
  Last night at dusk I saw bats zipping around the front yard.  Tonight, there is a doe and her fawn outside the living room window.
  Never a dull moment!

  I'll leave you with the hummingbirds.  There have been as many as eight at a time buzzing the feeder....just not when I'm trying to get a movie!  If you turn up your speaker, you can hear them chirping.  I have to refill the feeder twice a day.
   Boy oh boy....I sure do live a wild life around here! 
Happy Weaving (carding and watching!)

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Theresa said...

You wild thing you! ;-) Brilliant idea on the fiber! The color looks like denim, so I'm betting those will be some pretty batts as opposed to hard working bats. Surprisingly, I have neither seen nor smelled a whiff of skunk this year. We got baby raccoons and hummers though in abundance right now. Everyone is plumping up for migration time and it looks like there were a number of chicks this year. One day we had 4 or 5 and the next at least 8.