Friday, August 11, 2017

A Continuation

This post is indeed a continuation of sorts, first there is an update on the tapestry loom.  I ended up taking some of the pieces back to the hardware store to tweek things a bit.  We shortened the uprights by half and I had a metal bar inserted into the long crosspiece that is on the bottom of the loom.  This copper pipe is only 1/2 inch, and I was afraid that it might bend if it was not reinforced.

There, that's better!  I have a book "Tapestry 101" that I can't wait to dive into, but the loom needs to sit for 24 hours to let the pieces stick together really well, and honestly, I really need to get a couple of things finished for the shows before I start something new!

Speaking of new things, you heard of course that LouAnn got a drum carder this week, and she is really wanting to use the recycled fiber in a spinning project.  Well today,  I went over to her house for awhile and we tried out a couple of things to see if it would work.  We first used the drum carder to loosen up some ginned cotton.  Once that was done we made a sandwich with the cotton and the recycled fibers.  We ran that batt thru the carder a couple of times to smooth things out a bit.

 Then I sat down and started to spin it on her Hansen e-spinner.

After a getting to know you phase with the e-spinner,  I managed to get a textured thread that held together pretty well.  While I was spinning, I realized that if we plied this single with cotton sewing thread it would increase the strength of the yarn and not take away from the texture that LouAnn is looking for.  So,  LouAnn rounded up some serger thread and I plied the yarn sample pretty quickly.

I think it looks quite nice, and it was fun to try something to see what would happen, I don't get many chances to do that!

Now it is back to my drum carder to do the last of the batts for the first fleece rug, life has gotten in the way once again, but I am going to keep at it!  I hope to finish that rug today, and start rug number two.

Until next time, Happy Weaving and  Spinning, Tina

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LA said...

I really like the new yarn!!! Thank you for the lovely spinning!