Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Getting Ready!

This is the week!
  We bring in our own woven items, and pull items from the Shop upstairs.  All of those have to be put on a master inventory list....yes, that means Marie!
  Tina read off the item name and the inventory number while Marie added them to the data base.  Don't ask them how many times they were interrupted!
  Yes....it's time for Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia!!!!

Sharon's been busy weaving towels, and all of them needed to be added to her own inventory list.  Also, they have to be priced and tagged! 

  Harriet had a box of her items:  she's been weaving dish cloths and scarves! 
   Get that inventory list done!!!!!

  There's still weaving to get done: right, Betsy?

  And, look who got to join us today!  We were all so happy to see Ms. Ila!

  Our Ladies keep those looms humming!  This view really caught the color of the warps.  Meanwhile, Sharon was busy winding a new warp.  Wonder what this one will be?
  Last week, our friend Bonnie asked about the plastic sheets covering the book shelves:  the books in the covered shelves are NOT part of the book sale going on at the Center.  Over the years, the Center had acquired many books on many arts and crafts.  Each group got together and pulled the books they wanted to keep, and the rest are for sale.  The Tuesday Weavers have an amazing weaving library which Sharon and Karin oversee.  We didn't want those books walking away....thus, the lovely covers!

  If you look carefully, you'll see the roll of placemats on Lanny's cloth beam.  He comes in each week and just weaves away!

  Jocelyn will soon be weaving on her warp, too.  She got a lot of threading done today.

I'm sure we'll be posting lots of pictures from Homecoming....stay tuned!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Wow I see some lovely towels there in a pile and some soon to be lovely things on those hand painted warps. Can't wait for the pics from the upcoming event. All those straw looms must be ready to go!